Jeyabalaji Subramanian

I am a product focused technology leader. I am obsessed with building usable products fast using cutting-edge technologies.

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About Me

I breathe Products

I ask the why before the how. I create razor sharp product roadmap aligned with business priorities. I strive to make the end user feel accomplished through my designs.

I breathe Tech

I am a polyglot and practice my codecraft day in and out. I am obsessed with building usable products fast. You can frequently find me tinkering with bleeding edge Tech.

I breathe Team

I follow servant leadership. I am obsessed with creating accomplishment oriented teams at work by setting right directions & giving them freedom.

I love working in the intersection of Products and Technology.

In my latest gig, as a CTO I marshalled a lean team of six at an early stage FinTech Startup and built (from scratch) a modern Cloud-native Supply Chain Financing Platform that is cost-effective yet can scale based on the volumes with ease.

Prior to that, I conceived and built a modern Business Intelligence Platform with proprietary data sync technologies, in a brief stint at another early stage FinTech Startup.

Prior to that I product managed a Grains Origination Product focused on Australian farmers from concept to launch& drove over $12mio revenue for a mid-stage Startup.

I also created & nurtured the product management team from scratch.

Prior to that I spent almost a decade at Oracle Financial Services across development, consulting, pre-sales, delivery management and global support roles

Conceptualized, developed & rolled out metadata based Master Data Management Tool when this industry itself was nascent.

I am always on the lookout to leverage my 15+ years of expertise across FinTech & Supply Chain verticals to produce something that is usable, valuable & likeable at the same time.

When I am not working, you will find me either running, reading books or doing deep work on writing or pencil art!

I am always game for fun mini projects!

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My Skills

I specialize in architecting & delivering cloud native, event-driven, cross-platform & modern full-stack applications.

I focus on arriving at a razor sharp product roadmap aligned with business priorities, creating a highly prioritized product execution plan that results in high value MVPs & delivering value to end users in the fastest time frame!

  • 01- Product Management

  • 02- Cloud Native Technology Architecture Design

  • 03- Backend development (Go, Python, MongoDB, RDBMS)

  • 04- Front-end Development (Vue, React, HTML5, CSS, JS)

  • 05- Cross-Platform Mobile Development (Flutter)

My Work

Serverless Workflow Manager

A tiny yet powerful framework for orchestrating distributed microservices!
Battle tested at work with a million+ workflows!

Serverless Rule Engine

A lightweight yet powerful tool that allows declarative specification of business rules.
Battle tested at work with 100K+ decisions!

Go Sudoku Solver

A concurrent and recursive Sudoku solver written in go!
Solves arguably the world’s hardest sudoku ever in around 3 seconds.

Mongogress Bridge

A serverless tool to transfer data from MongoDB to PostgreSQL in near real time Achieved huge savings in license costs with this homegrown tool

Cross-Platform Borrower App

A feature rich cross-platform App built with Flutter. Uses Flutter widgets to create likeable user experiences!

FundsCorner Tech Story

Directed a lean team and delivered a modern digital Lending Platform ultra fast.
Enabled 20X business growth through Technology within a year.


Sanjay Singla, Senior Vice President, Operations at Eka Software Solutions

Jeya is one of the rare talents I have got a chance to work with. We have been working together from last almost 7 years across 2 different organizations and whether during his Project Lead or Product Manager roles in two different business domains altogether, he has always executed at a highest standard with enthusiasm.

He has this amazing combination of skills including a very sharp analytical mind, thorough and in-depth knowledge of Banking and CTRM domains, sincerity,honesty and hard-work which is very rare to find in a single individual.


Raja Kanthadai, Sr. Product Specialist, Sapient Global Markets

It is infrequent to come across someone who is technically competent, business knowledgeable, customer focused, sociable, helpful and well liked by many.

Jeya is undoubtedly one of them. He possesses a reservoir of knowledge and is a methodical thinker. He has built excellent rapport with Customers, PS, Engg., QA, Pre-Sales and Training and he is a true problem solver.

Jeya has been one of the pillars behind the great success of Ags CTRM product. His ability to converge on solution even though the requirements are scattered is much appreciated by everyone.


Mumu Pande, CTO, Eka Software Solutions

Jeya is a capable, organized and enthusiastic Product Manager. Jeya has the ability to understand both the technical and business aspects of software development. His domain expertise of Commodity World is highly commendable which along with his core product management skills has made him repeatedly successful across multiple projects in EKA.

He has great work ethic and is very strategic in the way he approaches problems. In addition he is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.


Vijay Veerachamy, Data Strategy Architecture Lead, Cargill

I have worked closely with Jeya for more than 3 years at Eka - during this period, Jeya was the Product Manager for Eka's flagship CTRM product line. Jeya's efforts helped us build a product that dominates the origination business in Australia and will hopefully help us expand into other grain originating countries.

Jeya did exceptionally well to drive the product roadmap under challenging circumstances in terms of marketing demands, customer priorities and resource constraints.

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