Jeyabalaji Subramanian

Product focused Technology Leader

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About Me

My name is Jeyabalaji (Jeya). I am a product focused technology leader obsessed with building usable and scalable products using cutting edge technologies.

I possess more than 15+ years of expertise in ideating, conceptualizing & delivering products across FinTech & Supply Chain verticals. I have worked across multiple geographies viz. Western Europe, Australia, Middle East and the USA.

I specialize in architecting & delivering cloud native, event driven modern applications that scale but yet are cost-effective.

I love leading in the intersection of Product Management & Technology. I am a polyglot & a full stack developer too.

When I am not working, I love running & reading books. My interests span across spirituality, life & productivity.

Latest Projects

Simple Serverless Rule Engine

Simple Serverless Business Rules Engine

A lightweight, yet powerful framework for declaratively authoring business decisions. From a business perspective, the framework provides a clean segregation of data from the rules, thus enabling business users to model decisions easily.

Since the rules are declaratively specified, this framework frees the developers from writing repetitive code and enables them to focus on their core priorities.

This framework already powered more than a million decisions and can be deployed as a serverless function (FaaS) or as a container.

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Mongogress Bridge

Mongogress Bridge - A serverless tool to transfer data from MongoDB to PostgreSQL in near real time

Mongogress Bridge is a near real time & horizontally scalable data transfer tool that ingeniously leverages MongoDB stitch trigger functions (Node.js) & AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) to capture data changes in MongoDB and load them onto a target PostgreSQL database through a serverless function.

I designed, developed & deployed this tool within a week to enable Business Analytics on a separate Production BI database. This home-grown tool achieved a huge cost reduction in license costs. I wrote a tech decision on this tool and it has garnered 80K+ views (and counting). You can checkout the decision here.

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cross-platform Borrower Flutter App

Cross-Platform Borrower App built with Flutter

I conceived, designed and built a fully-functional, feature rich cross-platform (Android & iOS) borrower App with Flutter.

The App uses native Flutter widgets and Material Design to create simple but likeable user experiences.

This App employs reactive state management from the grounds up and provides end to end functionality for the various needs of the borrower - self signup using AWS Cognito, self on-boarding loan application flow with industry integrations for E-KYC and E-SIGN & self loan servicing being the significant ones.

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FundsCorner Tech Story

FundsCorner Tech Story

This is a brief slide deck that showcases the Product & Tech accomplishments at FundsCorner. I directed a lean team of 6 (including self) and delivered a behaviour driven, rewards oriented digital Lending Platform in under six months.

Enabled 20X business growth through Technology within a year.

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Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer - FundsCorner (Dec 2017 - Present)

On a mission to enable fast accessible credit to India’s Retailers.

From scratch, built an end-to-end, behavior driven, rewards oriented & gamified digital Lending Platform & enabled 20X business growth within a year directing a lean team.

Built and deployed Business Workflows, Decision Management, Lending Management, Customer facing apps & BI on responsive, scalable & cost-effective serverless architecture.

Achieved a reduction of monthly cloud costs by 70% through Serverless initiatives.

AVP Products - Profinch Solutions (Oct 2016 - Nov 2017)

Worked on a mission to deliver immediate actionable business insights users value.

Responsible and accountable for Product Management and Architecture of BI and Analytics suite of products. Conceived and built a modern Business Intelligence Platform with proprietary data sync technologies.

Director of Products - Eka Software Solutions Pvt Ltd (Feb 2011 - Oct 2016)

Product Managed Eka’s flagship product suite (including BI & Advanced Analytics products) accounting for 60% of organization’s revenue.

Spearheaded ‘Grains Origination’ product from concept to launch; drove adoption at top three Australian grain traders and generated over $12M revenue.

Built the product management team from scratch & successfully scaled the organization to handle multi-fold increase in customer & revenue growth; retained & nurtured top talent through servant leadership.

Ideated & championed a set of product management processes for end-to-end tracking of product requirements & artifacts across product stages & stakeholders; Achieved 100% increase in overall sprint velocity and substantial visibility, control & seamless communication across stakeholders; serving as a de-facto standard for the organization.

Multiple roles - Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd (Jul 2001 - Jan 2011)

Designed and implemented Europe Product Pack; secured over $10M revenue & enabled repeat sales.

Conceptualized, developed & rolled out an automated & version agnostic “product configurations Copy tool” for FLEXCUBE product; this tool eliminated hundreds of hours of manpower efforts & enabled seamless & accurate cascading of product configurations across environments; became the de-facto standard for the product suite.

Managed product walkthroughs, customer requirements, end-to-end implementation (including data & financial migration) and support of FLEXCUBE UBS Product across critical accounts in Western Europe.